Åbent brev til Barack Obama

Denmark, March 31, 2009

Dear Mr. President Obama

We write to you because we believe that you consider the chief position of NATO important.
The Danish Prime Minister, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, appears to be a strong candidate for the post as Secretary General to NATO. He is said to be a fine statesman and a competent negotiator. And we know that the United States among others vote for him.

However, we strongly advise you to reconsider your choice of Fogh Rasmussen as Secretary General to NATO, as he is currently lawsued for breaking the Danish Constitution!

The world may not be aware of Denmark´s internal affairs. We therefore find it pertinent to supply information important to the image of Mr. Fogh Rasmussen.

On March 3, 2010 The Danish Supreme Court has scheduled an oral hearing to take place in a case about a claimed breach of the Danish Constitution, made by Mr. Fogh Rasmussen. The Supreme Court is expected to give a ruling 8-10 days later. If later on Fogh Rasmussen ends up being found guilty, it must be anticipated that an impeachment will be established. The Supreme Court has decided to sit with 9 Supreme Court Judges, whereas 90 % of their cases only have 5 or 7 judges. A strong indication of the importance of this particular case.

Background: Mr. Rasmussen and his conservative coalition led Denmark into a war of aggression against Iraq in March 2003. This was done through threats and allegations about possession of weapons of mass destruction that might be used against Danish cities. Today everybody knows that those weapons never existed. Both Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair admitted their mistakes. But Mr. Rasmussen has no regrets! He simply changed his argument for joining the 'coalition of the willing' into this: Saddam Hussein did not cooperate with the UN.

However, there is a problem with this argument: The Danish Constitution. A referendum held after World War ll changed parts of our Constitution. During that preparatory phase, emphasis was laid on future rules for warfare. It was made clear by a large number of politicians that Denmark should not embark on an international military campaign unless: Denmark is under attack from foreign states - this was not the case. The act of war is sanctioned by the United Nations - this was not the case! Denmark cannot give up its sovereignty (to multinational forces) without the consent of 5/6 of Parliament or through a referendum. Neither one took place.

The Cartoon Crisis

In 2006 our Prime Minister refused to meet with 12 ambassadors from Muslim countries, when they asked for a meeting during the damaging cartoon crisis. One result is that Denmark, represented by Prime Minister Fogh, is now hated by many muslims all over the world.

In other words, Mr. Fogh Rasmussen is currently a defendant in a lawcase, and could consequently be facing an impeachment for a breach of the Danish Constitution.

Therefore we urge you to reconsider your choice of Mr. Fogh Rasmussen as Secretary General to NATO.

Yours sincerely,

The Committee for the Defense of the Constitution (GK2003)

Chairman, Birgitte Albrechtsen
Helligkorsvej 35 A, 2. 3 4000 Roskilde Denmark
Telephone: + 45 2811 7611 Email: formand@gk2003.dk www.gk2003